The CPM credentials indicate a thorough understanding of the functions responsible for championing new products throughout the front end of the product life cycle, from inception through to launch. 

This course and exam is offered over three days and covers over 20 learning modules, quizzes, interactive exercises, study materials and a comprehensive practice exam to help you master the material and pass the worldwide-standard Certified Product Manager exam.

You will gain proven product management skills in the areas of:

Building case studies.

Writing business plans segmented for each major function.

Market planning.

Competitive analysis.

Project planning for each major activity.

Product specifications.

Product Lifecycle modelling.

Develop product launch plans.

Phase-Gate Process modelling.

Product and Market Data modelling.

Since its introduction, the Certified Product Manager credentials (CPM) have come to represent an individual’s agreement to adhere to standards of excellence and a way to demonstrate a commitment to their career. Those who have qualified with CPM credentials allow them to stand out from the crowd with the highest certification standard.

Who Should Attend the CPM Course?

Individuals who wish to demonstrate competence in the principles and practices of industry-standard Product Management. These include:

New and mid-level Product Managers who want to learn core skills and best practice product management.

Experienced Product Managers who want to refresh and strengthen their knowledge and increase their skill set.

Individuals who wish to become Product Managers and learn about the profession, associated core skills and obtain the internationally recognised AIPMM CPM Certification.

Organisations that choose to optimise their Product Management function and to provide in-house customised training to their teams.

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