The CPMM course is highly interactive and includes numerous exercises that reinforce the key learning points. It is offered over three days and covers over 20 learning modules, quizzes, interactive exercises, study materials and a comprehensive practice exam to help you master the material and pass the worldwide-standard Certified Product Marketing Manager exam to earn this prestigious and highly respected credential.

You will be able to demonstrate professional abilities in the following areas:

Strategic and tactical marketing functions throughout the product lifecycle.

Creating and executing marketing plans and applicable budgets.

Managing the creation of marketing deliverables.

Creating marketing campaigns to drive customer acquisition and revenue.

Assessing the marketplace, customers, competition, and trends through research, analysis and data evaluation.

Translating insights into compelling business, product or service opportunities.

Measuring and analysing product and business performance.

Recognising and recommending opportunities for improvement.

Product marketing is the function responsible for ensuring the success of the product in the marketplace. It starts with a successful launch and continues as the product moves through growth, maturity and eventual decline phases of the product lifecycle.  It is the function that initiates pricing actions, product-focused marketing communications activities and represents the product to salespeople, the channel and to the existing and potential customers.


The AIPMM has developed the Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM) programme to focus on interdisciplinary best practices that break through industry barriers to set standards with proven methods and processes.

Who Should Attend this CPMM Course?

Individuals who wish to demonstrate competence in the principles and practices of industry-standard Product Marketing Management. This includes:

New and mid-level Product Managers who want to learn core skills and best practice product marketing management.

Experienced Product Marketing Managers who want to refresh and strengthen their knowledge and increase their skill set.

Individuals who wish to become Product Marketing Managers and learn about the profession, associated core skills and obtain an internationally recognised AIPMM CPMM Certification.

Organisations that choose to optimise their Product Marketing Management function and to provide in-house customised training to their teams.

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